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May is Older Americans Month: How AHEPA supports the elderly

President Donald Trump issued an official proclamation designating May as "Older Americans Month."

The Order of AHEPA realizes people are not always fortunate enough to save up thousands of dollars for retirement. Comfortable, independent living during one's retirement is not guaranteed due to medication costs, low paying jobs, and other unforeseen financial difficulties.

AHEPA realized this issue back in 1986, therefore founding the National Housing Corporation in order to support the aging community.

The mission of AHEPA National Housing

Corporation (ANHC) is: to provide affordable housing for the low-income elderly and disabled persons, and to insure that they receive the services designed to meet their physical and social needs.

AHEPA National Housing Corporation has nearly 4,700 apartments within 95 senior apartment communities, spanning 21 states, with more in development.

Many of the senior housing have professional service coordinators for activities, community centers, gyms for aerobics, and parks.

One of the most recent housing centers opened in 2009 in California.

The amenities for the AHEPA 302 Apartments in California include a community room with a piano, a computer technology room for residents, and beautifully landscaped grounds for relaxing outside or taking a leisurely stroll.

The onsite team of company-employed professionals includes property manager, assistant manager, and maintenance and janitorial staffs to ensure that the comfort and security is a constant.

AHEPA chapters around the country through 501(c)(3)'s organize and manage funding from the US government in order to subsidize these living centers. The conglomerate of 501(c)(3)'s is headed up by the ANHC in order to properly manage and hire staff. It is the priority of the ANHC that facilities are up to date, clean, and affordable for their low-income residents.

The Order of AHEPA plans to expand their properties and offer more available housing in the future to its growing waiting list of seniors.

For more information you can visit: http://www.ahepahousing.org/

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