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AHEPA Sponsors Mediterranean Diet Roundtable Event

Wouldn't it be nice to see spanakopita, roasted lamb, or a 'horiatiki' salad with mixed veggies served at your local school cafeteria? This organization could possibly help make this a reality.

MDR (Mediterranean Diet Roundtable) is having a 2-day event in Boston on May 15-16. It is described as an "inspirational and networking event, where scientists and Food Industry leaders discuss dietary trends in America."

Their topics include a range of critical issues impacting diet, health and wellness in the US.

Mediterranean Diet Roundtable has sent out an invitation to those who are interested in listening to todays top food industry leaders, scientists, wellness experts and opinion leaders discuss the overwhelming amount of benefits to the Mediterranean diet.

As their brochure explains...

"Despite these [overwhelming amount of diet benefits], access to Mediterranean products and implementing its principles into high volume commercial and non-commercial food service operations is not as widespread as you would expect.

Furthermore, the “public plate” (meals prepared by governmental agencies) serves millions of people every day, creating diet trends, molding taste and daily meals of people in America, where about 36% of the adult population is obese (source: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Diseaseswww.niddk.nih.gov)."

MDR has an extensive list of testimonials from a range of participants.

Some of these participants include Google Food, Barilla, the Greek Trade Commission, Specialty Food Association, and universities like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, U-Mass and more.

If you or someone you know would like to attend visit their website or call for details +1 908-212-7846. AHEPA members get a big discount for the event. To access the discount, members need to go into purchasing the ticket and, once they are on the first screen, they can apply the code.

Members interested can request the code by emailing ahepa@ahepa.org with the subject line "REQUEST: MDR Event Discount Code"

Organization Website: AHEPA.org

iTunes Podcast: AHEPA RADIO

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