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AHEPA is publishing student articles to build resumes

Get your articles published before you graduate!

Our Objective:

Connect with like-minded people who share a common heritage and appreciation for Hellenic ideals.

Editors at the AHEPA National Headquarters are offering to publish articles written by college students like this one in our Insights Tab.

Articles will be published on AHEPA’s news website and social media platforms.

Topics can include: trends and/or stories related to technology, education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, integrity, family, entrepreneurship, community service and more.

How to get your article published:

1) Start writing now

If you have a topic in mind, or news of an emerging trend, then get creative and share your thoughts, insights, or experiences.

As soon as you're happy with your final draft, send it over and our editors will consider it for placement.

2) Submit articles to: ​media@ahepa.org

Upon review of your work, our editors may reformat your article in order to fit the length and style of AHEPA’s website. We may even add stock images to help keep readers engaged if yours does not come with media content. Use a either word doc or PDF for your submitted work.

After your article is approved and published, you will get a notification it was used and you will be able to see it on AHEPA NEWS.


a) Must Be a Member You or your family member must be a member of the AHEPA. Being either an online member or a part of a chapter is acceptable.

b) Article Length The article must be under 600 words. There is no strict minimum. It could be something as simple as 4-5 sentences with maybe a photo or video.

c) Prove You're In College Must submit article from a [.edu] TLD (top-level-domain) name email address. (Your college given email)

(Optional) Send us a headshot and a one sentence blurb about you so that readers can see the genius behind the work!

We look forward to hearing about what news and topics are of interest to you and your friends.

Thank you for your interest!

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