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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Mac or PC

If you're going back and forth in your head about which platform to settle with, then don't worry –you're not alone. Here are 5 aspects of the two major systems to look at for when you're doing work or having fun.

1) Operating System

2) Power and Customization

3) Interface and Cosmetics

4) Customer Support

5) Virus Risk

To be clear, Apple Inc. is the creator of Macintosh computers or “Macs” as they were first dubbed in 1998. PC or "Personal Computer" now refers to any other computer that runs on Microsoft’s operating system, Windows.

1) Operating System

Macs' latest operating system is “Sierra” which utilizes "Siri" for voice commands now on your computer. Similar to iPhone if you’re familiar with them, it’s just now on their computers.

The latest Windows operating system is “X” (roman numeral 10) which now has its own voice command feature called "Cortana".

To find programs/applications on a Mac, you utilize the Finder symbol and window. Downloading programs is as easy as dragging and dropping downloaded program files into your applications folder.

Mac Finder Window

Windows uses its task-bar to show all downloaded applications in alphabetical order, along with a shortcut section which you can customize.

Windows 10 Task Bar

Both operating systems allow you to create virtual desktops. You can think of a virtual desktop as another computer screen with which you can open applications, browse the internet, and watch movies just the same.

Mac Virtual Desktop

The easiest way to access virtual desktops on a Mac is by swiping three fingers left and right on your trackpad. You can also swipe with four fingers to display all of them at once.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop

The way to access virtual desktops on a PC using Windows 10 is to open the Task View pane and click the desktop you want or by utilizing key commands Windows Key + Ctrl + Left Arrow and Windows Key + Ctrl + Right Arrow.

Over the years, Apple and Microsoft have had more differences than similarities. However, as the market proves what users like most, the companies have actually started offering similar features. The main difference to note is their layouts -- with Macs staying relatively the same and Windows throwing in a wider variety of options.

2) Power and Customization

It is impossible to discuss the differences between Mac and PC without noting that PC trumps Mac in this field. This can be a bad or good thing for you depending on how you use your computer.

Macs do not allow you to access anything as far as the build goes. There’s no access to your battery if it dies, and you don’t have the ability to add RAM as computer power progresses. Once you buy a Mac you’re stuck with that computer’s power and memory for good. Granted, users will argue that Macs last much longer given that they don’t succumb to viruses over time.

PCs, on the other hand, can be built from scratch and taken apart completely piece by piece. This is usually important for people running heavy editing software or games that require lots of RAM with ever progressing graphics. Also, just about all third party computer games run on PC while only a handful of them run on Mac.

Where Apple fails in price competitiveness they succeed in making things simple. PCs have the widest range of hardware, software, and external interfaces that allow for endless combinations which opens their price range to be much broader.

3) Interface and Cosmetics

Even with Windows limitless design options, Mac still seems to flourishes on the internet as the most sleek and attractive looking.

As of October 2016, Apple announced its newest feature, the Touch Bar. Apple includes an abbreviated touch screen that works with apps such as: Mail, Finder, Calendar, Numbers, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro X and many more, including third-party apps.

Macbook Pros come with several different colors including, Rose Gold, Space Gray, Gold, and Silver.

The retina display and slim styles of Apple computers have always been eye catchers. The latest MacBook Pro “features P3 color, which makes 25 percent more colors available than standard RGB — revealing a much broader range of greens and reds.” -Apple

PCs have multiple styles and builds which allow you to choose whether you want a tablet, laptop, or both in one. -Apple does not have a 2-in-1 computer yet but they do have clip on keyboards for iPads.

Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 13.3” Touch-Screen Laptop

The most popular build for PCs operating Windows seem to be the 2-in-1 touch screen and laptop combo where you can actually remove the screen and use it as a tablet.

Lenovo - Yoga 710 2-in-1 14” Touch-Screen Laptop

Best Buy shows its most competitive computer companies offering their own versions of the 2-in-1 computer. Companies like Dell, Lenovo, and HP all offer pretty much the same thing for relatively the same price.

Being able to conform your computer to your life style is extremely convenient and allows you to write something down the way you're used to. A multitude of styluses are available which give you the freedom to jot down or sketch anything you want.

With PCs, you can also go with the more heavy-duty, gaming-focused computers from companies like Acer, ASUS, or Alienware.

4) Customer Support

Apple and Microsoft offer their own phone line for basic questions if you’d like to speak with someone. Otherwise, both companies have places where you can take your computers in person.

You can bring in any Apple product to an Apple store after making an appointment where they can either try some quick fixes or send them off for deeper issues.

One of the most common places for PCs is Best Buy and at their Geek Squad help center. This works similar to the Apple store where you can ask their specialists any questions you have while having the ability to have them work on it on the spot. The beauty of having a PC is that computer repair companies have the ability to access the inner workings of your computer instantly without having to send your computer to corporate.

5) Virus Risk

A common misconception about Apple computers is that they can’t get a virus. Although it is very rare for Apple computers to get a virus, they are out there. Because of Apple’s ‘closed-system’ your mind can be at ease without having to buy a security software.

Because there are so many options to customize PCs this also means more opportunity for malware to seep into your computer. It is always recommended that you pay for a security software. There are multiple choices available. The most popular security software company, Norton, offers a plethora of programs that act as virus barriers.

Overall, you can think of PCs as customizable and Mac computers as simple, yet robust. Both computers have their benefits. It really just depends on what you need your computer to do. Third party software companies play an important role in the way these computer giants update their machines. So when you're choosing your computer, it’s not a bad idea to choose what computer to buy based on the programs you will use or need. If you’re gaming and doing day-to-day business, you may want to choose a PC, but if you’re constantly editing day-to-day media and want things simple, without worry of problems coming out of left field, then go Mac.

Bonus Tip: If you want the best of both worlds, then get a Mac since it can run Windows operating system on their computers as well; you can't run Mac software on a PC.

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